To ETTR or Not ETTR?

There's been a lot of discussion about whether or not it makes sense to expose to the right. Certainly, if you're shooting in dim light and need to raise the ISO, it makes little sense to expose to the right, since ETTR works best at native ISO. But if you are shooting at native ISO,... Continue Reading →

Veydra Mini Primes Astound Roger Cicala

It should come as no surprise to those who follow my YouTube channel that I'm quite fond of my Veydra cine lenses. But for those who trust charts more than their own eyes, have a look at Roger Cicala's findings over at Lens Rentals.

Avoid the Fuji X-H1

I guess in addition to the twenty-odd missed opportunities and glitches I already reported on in an earlier post, it would seem that Fuji's X-T2 on steroids has seriously erratic autofocus issues as well as some very impressive moire artifacts. The next firmware update should be a doozy. I wouldn't hold my breath though, since... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Running Your Own Tests

On social media and in the forums, camera owners often ask what the best settings and picture profiles are, but there is no substitute for doing your own tests. That's just one of the responsibilities of being a camera operator - one that should never be left to the discretion of others, however well meaning... Continue Reading →

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