Veydra: One Disappointed Client

I was really counting on being able to share some clips shot with the Veydra Mini Primes and my Fuji X-T2. I placed an order with Veydra on February 11th for a set of three Fuji X-mounts in the hopes of shooting a short documentary and alerting potential X-H1 owners that there exists a much more compact and less onerous alternative to the Fuji MK cine zooms. On Monday, it will have been three weeks since Veydra charged my credit card nearly $450, yet, to the best of my knowledge, the mounts still have not shipped. I emailed their sales department on the 25th and, receiving no response, I wrote to Jim Zhang, designer of the Mini Primes and owner of Veydra, but as of today, I still haven’t gotten a reply. All indications are that not only do the X-mounts not exist, but that the founders of Veydra have lost interest in the company altogether.

Update 3.3.2018 I got in touch with Ryan Avery, who, even though he’s no longer with the company, assured me that the X-mounts are indeed in stock and that he would get me squared away as soon as possible. Just the same, $85.00 shipping charges for one month delivery seems a bit excessive.

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  1. Please keep us updated on this and post a youtube video if possible with the veydras on your xt-2. I’m sure there are alot of people interested. Veydra’s customer service and lack of activity on social media is concerning in terms of someone investing in a full set

  2. Hi there, I’m not sure if this is the most reputable source but I recently spoke with a rep from Duclos lenses who informed me that as of October 2018 Veydra is still in business, but lenses are hard to come by. However, B&H informed me that Veydra’s lenses have been discontinued and no longer offer new ones on their website. Obviously, this is concerning given their warehouse was robbed of over $200,000 worth of lenses…which I’d imagine can be crippling for a small company. Hoping for everyone’s sake they can right the ship as their lenses are really nice.

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