Get Consistently Good Exposures with HLG

I still see filmmakers struggling with exposure shooting HLG with their GH5. In order to get consistent results, be sure to set your zebras at 90% – this should help avoid clipping of the red channel. Next, using a white balance card like the X-Rite ColorChecker, reduce exposure just until the zebras disappear. You should not need to lift shadows in post, which will only introduce noise in your shots. The following are screen grabs with the Leeming LUT v.502 applied, no color correction in post.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 10.21.27 AM

2 thoughts on “Get Consistently Good Exposures with HLG

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  1. Hey Jon, where do you normally monitor/expose the skintones when shooting HLG using the zebras?

    1. Hi Stephen, For SDR delivery, I try to keep skin tones below 75 IRE. For HDR delivery, generally no higher than 65 IRE or so…
      Gerald Undone just posted a great video on exposing properly for HLG. Around here, he talks about how to expose for skin tones.

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