A Very Affordable HDR Monitor

This and many other stunning HDR videos were shot by Eugene Belsky with the amazing Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and graded on the modestly priced Asus ProArt PA32UC. While many on the Internet go to great lengths to disparage sub-forty thousand dollar monitors, others quietly go about perfecting their craft, creating mind-blowing imagery with... Continue Reading →

Asus Lousy Customer Support: Exhibit A

So I contact Asus Online Customer Service because I'm unable to adjust the brightness level of HDR content in the OSD of the PA32UCX. The chat lasted thirty long minutes. Had I known Asus support was this atrocious, I would have gladly spent the extra money for Apple's Pro Display XDR instead. Asus: Hello! Please... Continue Reading →

Random Stuff

My Asus PA32UCX arrived several weeks earlier than promised; but it's been almost six weeks now since placing my order for the 16" MacBook Pro from a premium reseller here in Ho Chi Minh City. Any day now, I guess? In the meantime, I'm having the walls painted and new curtains installed in my room... Continue Reading →

Asus PA32UCX: Fan Noise Test

Some have expressed concern about Asus PA32UCX fan noise, so I took a little time out of the day to make an audio recording. An HDR clip in the timeline of Final Cut Pro was looped for an hour to let the monitor warm up before recording the fan noise with a Sony PCM-M10 audio... Continue Reading →

Asus PA32UCX: Cable Management

From behind the monitor, cable management looks neat and tidy. Cables can be run through the stand. The rear of the monitor and the stand have a nice finish. Cable management, cover on. Once the cover is removed, it becomes apparent you've got to grope around in the dark with your fingers searching for the... Continue Reading →

Asus PA32UCX Blooming

Blooming on the Asus ProArt PA32UCX in HLG HDR. It is unmistakable when viewed off-axis; less noticeable when sitting directly in front of the monitor; and a non-issue for the vast majority of my own work. Keep in mind that in a well-lighted room, blooming is practically imperceptible, whether viewing the display head-on or from... Continue Reading →

Asus ProArt PA32UCX-K Woes Begin

Update: Why none of this matters. In a previous post, I wrote how I was unable to install Asus' proprietary calibration software; but having read somewhere that X-Rite's i1Profiler was supposed to give better results, I went ahead and used that instead. But the colors weren't nearly as accurate as they were supposed to be;... Continue Reading →

Baby Canon C300?

I seldom write about Canon except to find fault with them, but in the interest of - impartiality? - I'm just gonna say that this video, shot with the EOS R, almost made me cry. hehe It's the closest thing to a C300 I've seen by any YouTuber using a mirrorless camera, which is to... Continue Reading →

Asus PA32UCX: First Impressions

Apart from uploading a handful of Sony HLG HDR videos to YouTube last year - mostly out of morbid curiosity - I'd pretty much all but given up on HDR, for the simple reason that there were no remotely affordable monitors. That all changed last month when I learned about the Asus ProArt 32UCX at... Continue Reading →

Asus Monitor Arrives!

The ProArt 32UCX-K arrived in Vietnam weeks earlier than expected. My dealer ordered four of them. He sent me these shots. Delivery should be tomorrow morning or afternoon. So excited!

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