Asus Lousy Customer Support: Exhibit A

So I contact Asus Online Customer Service because I’m unable to adjust the brightness level of HDR content in the OSD of the PA32UCX. The chat lasted thirty long minutes. Had I known Asus support was this atrocious, I would have gladly spent the extra money for Apple’s Pro Display XDR instead.

Asus: Hello! Please give me a minute while I review your inquiry.

Me: Okay

Asus: Hi Pais! Thank you for contacting ASUS. I can see that you are having concern with your Monitor. I’ll be more than happy to assist you. May I confirm that your Serial Number is xxxxxxx. Is that correct?

Me: Yes. In HDR, I can’t adjust monitor brightness in the OSD. I need to reduce brightness.

Asus: Okay I understand, upon checking here on our system that you need to adjust the brightness in HDR, is that correct?

Me: Right.

Asus: I understand and I do apologize for the inconvenience. Please give me a few minutes so that I can check on this for you.

Me. The menu is grayed out. Unable to adjust brightness.

Asus: Okay I see Pais thank you for that information. Please give me a few minutes so that I can check this for you. Thank you for patiently waiting Pais.

Asus: Regarding to this concern. On the OSD menu, the one that you have mentioned which is grayed out, is it on the System Setup then HDR Preview part?

Me. (I upload a picture of the Color menu).

Asus: Thank you for that information.

Me: (clarifying) Under the brightness tab.

Asus: Have you tried the brightness tab Pais? What happened if you adjust the brightness on the “brightness tab”?

Me: Yes, I did.

Asus: But still the same issue is that correct?

Me: Please help me. Let me speak with your supervisor, please.

Asus: I do apologize but our supervisor are currently engage on a call. Just to make sure as of the moment Pais. Are you able to see System Setup on the OSD Menu?

Me: Yes.

Asus: Please select HDR Preview then provide me an image again of it please.

Me: Why? You don’t know what it looks like?

Asus: Just to make sure since as of the moment I’m basing with the manual of this monitor. I do apologize because I don’t have access with any 3rd party websites. [If it wasn’t already glaringly obvious, he’s never even seen the monitor and has had no training whatsoever. He’s probably seeing the owner’s manual for the very first time in his life].

Me: HDR Preview is for non-HDR content. Is there someone qualified I can speak with? I want to speak with someone else.

Asus: Okay I understand but as of the moment what I can do regarding to your concern. I will endorse this case to one of our next level support to seek more recommendation. But it may take within 24-48 business hours but no need to chat us back. Our next level support will communicate back to you via call or email as soon as possible as we have the recommendation. I do apologize for the inconvenience. I just check some options on the monitor but to have a better look and to not messed up some options. We really need a help from our next level support. My apologies. [I’ve been waiting over 72 hours since contacting support the previous time with some other questions, and still no response].

In a follow-up chat, it took them a full five minutes to tell me where the power switch is and thirteen minutes to tell me what the X-Rite i1Display is for. By comparison, it took less than fifteen seconds for Apple support to tell me where the power switch is on an iMac and although Apple doesn’t even sell the i1Display Pro, they were able to Google it and tell me what it is in less than 30 seconds.

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