Plug and Play

Exhausted from weeks of struggling to get the colors of the Dolby Vision certified Asus PA32UCX to match those of my LG OLED C7, last night, in a fit of desperation, I connected the Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4K Mini directly to the television, opened up a long dormant project in Final Cut Pro, began grading, and... Continue Reading →

Brightness Dependency Syndrome

While some YouTubers gripe that even 500 nits is too dim to edit photos or video, I've been learning to work with as little ambient light as possible and setting the monitor as close to 120 nits as I can. Addiction to bright displays is a seriously hard habit to kick, so I'm doing it... Continue Reading →

No Desktop Video Device Detected

If the message 'No Desktop Video Device Detected' appears when trying to use one of Blackmagic's I/O boxes, have no fear! Simply follow the steps below and you'll be back in business in no time. Don't panic if you see this message! 1. Open up System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. 2. Select... Continue Reading →

Begone, 24p Judder!

So you've got a brand new space grey16" MacBook Pro with the incredible Magic Keyboard - a huge improvement over the butterfly keyboard of Apple's previous laptops - and you've also patted yourself on the back for applying a screen protector to keep those magical keys from scuffing the Retina display. What's the very first... Continue Reading →

Apple Pro Display XDR: Colorist ‘Bummed’

This is a 32-inch 6K display that is brighter (1,600 nits) than almost any display that any of us have seen before and offers groundbreaking color accuracy that could make $30,000 to $40,000 "reference displays" from Sony and Flanders Scientific obsolete. - Cnet For months, we've been inundated with bloated claims by tech writers and... Continue Reading →

Sales Pitch

LG 5K Ultrafine (l), Pro Display XDR (r) Max Yuryev joins the chorus of fellow YouTube influencers iJustine, Jonathan Morrison, Marques Brownlee and others in extolling the picture quality of Apple's XDR to the skies, going seriously overboard in his most recent video comparing the 6K display to LG's 5K Ultrafine display. Blooming "is only... Continue Reading →

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