Troubleshooting the Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI 8K

As I wrote in an earlier post, the Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI 8K is the only solution I’m aware of for calibrating an external monitor connected to a Mac using the UltraStudio 4K Mini. The converter is supposed to work with third-party calibration probes but several users have reported issues, including one who tried the C6, the i1Display Pro and the Klein. Blackmagic is currently in the process of testing out different probes for compatibility and indications are that neither the X-Rite i1Display Pro Revision A-01 nor any OEM versions with the exception of the C6 Spectracal are supported. If so, that still would not explain why one forum member was unable to get the C6 to work. The i1Display Pro Rev. B-02 non-OEM should work. Pixel Factory in Ho Chi Minh City has promised to let me try the Teranex out before buying whenever they get a demo unit in, which is awesome, because $1,600.00 for a calibration device is mad – that’s nearly half the cost of my monitor!

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