Using a Fresnel for Soft Lighting

We got this arrangement from Bill Holshevnikoff, author of the Arri Lighting Handbook. Since we don't have Arri lights, we placed a Nanlite Forza 300 fitted with an FL-20G fresnel lens perpendicular to the camera and directed it toward a reflector, which then becomes our key light, creating a soft light with gentle wraparound and... Continue Reading →

HDR Quiz

1. On the HDR PQ curve, 100 nits is a. 10% of 10,000 nits peak level b. 25% of 10,000 nits peak level c. 50% of 10,000 nits peak level 2. The maximum pure blue in SDR is 10 nits. Maximum pure blue in HDR is a. 25 nits b. 50 nits c. 110 nits... Continue Reading →

BRAW vs ProRes RAW

Sherif Mokbel compares Lumix S1H Blackmagic RAW to Apple’s ProRes RAW, with results that may surprise you! Incidentally, Atomos just released a firmware update for the Ninja V enabling white balance and ISO/exposure offset adjustments in Final Cut Pro for the a7s III. The Ninja V currently brings ProRes RAW to over thirty different cameras.... Continue Reading →


In our long list of pet peeves related to HDR YouTube videos, obscenely bright specular highlights in the subject's teeth must rank among the most distracting. And as luck would have it, last night's shoot provides us with a perfect illustration. Peak highlights are brushing up against 400 nits, already several stops ETTR, but still... Continue Reading →

a7s III Skin Tones

While there are exceptionally few examples of actual living, breathing human beings in HDR YouTube videos, of the negligible number that do exist, too many suffer from one or more of the following: bizarre colors, excessive noise, outrageously intense specular highlights in teeth, eyes or jewelry and an obnoxious lack of tonality, hues, texture and... Continue Reading →

Sony a7s III: Exceptional Value

Since we picked up a set of Nanlite Forza LED monolights and started grading ProRes 4444 in DaVinci Resolve Studio 17, it's like we're dealing with a completely new camera altogether! Skin tones are the most accurate we've seen from any mirrorless camera and the image quality rivals that of cinema cameras costing thousands more.... Continue Reading →

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