Best Solution for Mounting Ninja V on a7s III

We used to mount the Ninja V directly on the Tilta camera cage with the SmallRig cold shoe mount, but that solution had several serious drawbacks. (1) It was necessary to tighten the mount to the cage with an Allen key; (2) there was no convenient way to carry the camera; (3) the lack of a locking mechanism meant the Ninja V could go crashing to the ground if the SmallRig cold shoe mount were to come loose and; (4) it took more time to remove the Ninja V when not needed. The Tilta adjustable handle with Arri rosette elegantly solves all those issues.

The handle provides a means of securely carrying the camera/Ninja V. The locking mechanism ensures that the recorder isn’t going anywhere should the SmallRig come loose, meaning it’s no longer necessary to tighten the mount with an Allen key. Conveniently, there are locks at both ends of the handle. The handle can also be removed in an instant.

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