Display HDR in DaVinci Resolve Viewer

This post explains how to use the HDR capabilities of an Apple MacBook or iMac built-in display when using DaVinci Resolve and also applies to external HDR capable displays such as the Apple Pro Display XDR, allowing you to preview HDR content directly via the Resolve viewer. The feature is only available on macOS 10.14.6 and above and... Continue Reading →

Vimeo Now Supports Dolby Vision!

As reported in DPReview, "Vimeo and Dolby announced that Vimeo is the first to market to allow users to host, share and play iPhone videos shot in Dolby Vision within the Apple ecosystem. Vimeo writes, 'Starting today, millions of Apple device users can now use Vimeo to unlock the same professional-quality video technology embraced by... Continue Reading →

Walter Volpatto Talks Node Structure

Walter Volpatto, Senior Colorist, Company 3 (Interstellar, Homecoming, Dunkirk), drops so much wisdom in this one hour, 45 min video! There isn't a dull moment, but perhaps the most interesting segment begins at one hour, 27 minutes where the colorist describes how he had to make the digital image match the film print of Dunkirk... Continue Reading →

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