Can Peak Design Backpack Store Entire a7s III Kit?

We’ll be moving to Quang Ngai province once lockdown is lifted, so we needed a backpack large enough and rugged enough to accommodate our a7s III kit but small enough to qualify as carry-on luggage. The fabric of version 2 of the backpack has a rubberized coating, presumably to improve weather protection; however, many rubbers and plastics end up disintegrating and turning into sticky goo in the intense heat and humidity of Vietnam, so only time will tell how it holds up. The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L v.2 costs $290 in the States, $411 in Vietnam, where it is manufactured!

A serial number is required to register the backpack in order to activate the lifetime warranty, but as the tiny S/N tag is buried deep inside the top left internal pocket of the left access panel, it is all but inaccessible! As it turns out, there is no serial number at all. LOL

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