Vimeo Now Supports Dolby Vision!

As reported in DPReview, “Vimeo and Dolby announced that Vimeo is the first to market to allow users to host, share and play iPhone videos shot in Dolby Vision within the Apple ecosystem. Vimeo writes, ‘Starting today, millions of Apple device users can now use Vimeo to unlock the same professional-quality video technology embraced by the world’s top storytellers’.”

This is pretty huge. Vimeo and Dolby aren’t exaggerating when they refer to the picture quality as life-like, either. There must be no fewer than 50 million iPhone 12 owners worldwide who can now instantly capture and share DV HDR videos of exceptional clarity on the video sharing platform.  

What to do:

1. First, you’ll need to create your Dolby Vision video. Users with an iPhone 12 can record and edit Dolby Vision content using just the phone in their pocket — which means it’s never been easier to capture and share best-in-class video. You can also take your footage to your Mac to edit your HDR content and export a Dolby Vision video file ready for upload. 

2. Once you’ve captured and edited your video, any Vimeo user can upload it directly to Vimeo from anywhere, through whatever workflow you prefer: from Final Cut Pro, or directly from your upload page.

3. Now that you’ve got your gorgeous video uploaded, you can view and share your video in all its Dolby Vision glory. Videos uploaded to Vimeo in Dolby Vision include a badge denoting the video quality on the video page and player, so your viewers will know your content is the highest possible video quality.

Unfortunately, Vimeo Dolby Vision only plays at resolutions up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) on current MacBooks.

The entire process is lightning fast – it took mere seconds from the time I shot my masterpiece until it was finished uploading and processing. And even the generated SDR thumbnail looks pretty amazing.

My very first DV video, shot with my 9 month-old iPhone 12 Pro Max and uploaded to Vimeo for posterity. hehe

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