HDR Luminance Levels

If you leave the house, walk around and point your camera anywhere, it's all but impossible not to encounter luminance values measuring in the hundreds or even thousands of nits. But turn on the TV and watch a Dolby Vision program on Netflix and 99% of the time, it seems like there aren't any luminance... Continue Reading →

Affordable MicroLED TVs A Decade Away

Analyst Bob O’Brien, assessing his predictions for the display industry for 2021, admits he greatly miscalculated MicroLED TV shipments for the year, writing, “We were wrong in predicting that the lowest priced MicroLED models would be offered at less than $100,000 in 2021, and even with a very low unit forecast, we overestimated TV shipments... Continue Reading →

Tip of the Day

Forget about proper video levels, color gamuts and bit depth and consider the lowly hot shoe cover protector cap for a moment. Here's how we keep from losing that little bugger when attaching the Rode Wireless GO!

Misleading Advert From Asus

This deceptively titled advert featuring Asus spokesperson Darren Mostyn might lead the viewer to expect to witness some dazzling HDR grading in DaVinci Resolve by an experienced colorist, but we see nothing of the sort. Not only that, but they couldn't even be bothered to shoot the ad in HDR. Watching this video reminds us... Continue Reading →

Picked Up the New Laptop!

One week ago, not a single shop had any 16" M1 Max MacBook Pros in stock and we were told that it would take anywhere from eight to ten weeks to get one; but by some miracle it arrived in just seven days. Using Migration Assistant, Time Machine and a slow portable hard drive, transferring... Continue Reading →

Disagreements About What Qualifies as a mini-LED

Paul Gagnon, Senior Research Director for Consumer Devices at Omdia, spoke with Brian Berkeley, host of The Display Show, about what exactly constitutes mini-LED. PG: "I would say there's some friendly disagreement in the industry about exactly what qualifies as a quote unquote mini-LED set. There is no standardization of this terminology: is it the... Continue Reading →

Why HDR Shows Are Too Dark, Part II

One year ago, almost to the day, we published a video entitled Why Are HDR Shows So Dark?, which turned out to be one of our most successful rants on YouTube. We've since identified no fewer than a half dozen different contributing factors, including: most shows continue to be lit in an SDR environment using... Continue Reading →

YouTube Adds Reuse Details Feature

A feature that enables using details from previously uploaded videos has just been added to YouTube, promising to save many of us a lot of time and aggravation. When uploading a video, a message that reads 'reuse details' will appear in the upper right corner. You'll then be prompted to select one of your previously... Continue Reading →

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