The Trouble With HDR

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  1. YEP, just changing the switch from SDR to HDR and the luma sitting at 100nit MAX isn’t doing anyone any favors. I always laugh my ass off when my phone switches from SDR to HDR in Youtube yet the picture is more dim than a well graded SDR image. I shot couple PRR clips during winter and the snow was clipped but I managed to get highlights out of it and still keeping it at almost 800nit. this is an SDR clip but the way he has graded makes the blue and the purple just pop and the colors overall are pleasingly vibrant. watch a minute or two into the video and see just how bland everything is and the way Jordan (the guy with the leather jacket) grades LOG

    HDR lifts the ceiling for making everything pop but for some even SDR is too much to utilize 100%

    Lastly the dreaded people at LTT who have futureproofing branded in their souls have yet to make the move to HDR except in this video and didn’t produce anymore since then. 12K cameras, in BRAW and yet squeeze all the detail into REC709

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