The Advantage of A Heat Sink

HDTVTest, in their review of the Sony A95K QD-OLED, compare it to the Samsung S95B, which shares the same QD-OLED panel. After running footage on a loop with the same APL for several minutes, the Samsung becomes noticeably darker while the Sony picture maintains its brightness, owing to a heat dissipation layer that reduces the... Continue Reading →

Cost Breakdown: Minimalist RED Komodo Kit

Here's a rundown of the true cost of a bare bones Komodo setup, including approved media, power, card reader, battery charger, SDI surge protector, cage, SDI module for the Ninja V and the least expensive compatible Canon RF mount lens: RED Komodo 6K Body, AC Power Adaptor, Mini World Travel Adaptor Kit, Canon RF to... Continue Reading →

Why We Returned The RED Scarlet Dragon

We ended up returning the Dragon and are currently shopping around for a Komodo for the following reasons. (1) The Dragon isn’t repairable, while the Komodo comes with a 1-year warranty. (2) The Komodo is much smaller and lighter (2.1 lbs vs. 5 lbs) and accepts smaller batteries, ideal for balancing on a gimbal like... Continue Reading →

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