Why We Returned The RED Scarlet Dragon

We ended up returning the Dragon and are currently shopping around for a Komodo for the following reasons. (1) The Dragon isn’t repairable, while the Komodo comes with a 1-year warranty. (2) The Komodo is much smaller and lighter (2.1 lbs vs. 5 lbs) and accepts smaller batteries, ideal for balancing on a gimbal like the DJI RS 2. (3) Global shutter. (4) Countless accessories are available from third-party vendors. (5) Readily accessible media (CFast 2.0. cards) and card readers. (6) More versatile lens mount enabling the use of focal reducers and ND filter adapters. (7) Autofocus. (8) Compatibility with an incredibly well thought-out remote app. (9) Higher frame rates (6K 40 fps vs. 6K that maxes out at 12 fps burst mode). (10) The camera will continue to be updated in the future, improving functionality.

The nearest authorized dealers are in Singapore and Thailand, but as only Singapore’s shop is also an authorized service center, it’s our first choice. We already purchased a Meike s35 75mm T2.1 EF mount cinema prime.

7 thoughts on “Why We Returned The RED Scarlet Dragon

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    1. That’s actually one of the reasons I settled on RED: most of the filmmakers whose comparisons I watched said that RED cameras required less fussing around in post to get pleasing skin tones, something I’m tired of doing with the a7s III. I also played around a lot with R3D sample footage in DaVinci Resolve and love the workflow and the image quality. I’ve already added the Komodo post workflow to my Monster guide.

      1. I understand your point, you will take more pleasure spending less time on the computer wheels.
        Eager to see your videos (even in Rec709!).

  1. I kind of saw this coming. Personally having used handled both even though the package is cheaper when getting a Dragon it’s still not worth it over the Komodo.

  2. Hi Jon,
    Thinking about you because K just read an article about DZOFilm Vespid prime lenses and it reminds me that several cine/videographer like them a lot.
    However, they are not cheap…

    1. The Vespids appear to be more popular among filmmakers/content creators on YT. I also just noticed that Meike has a full set of Mini Prime Cine Lenses in RF mount, but c’est la vie! 😅

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