Cost Breakdown: Minimalist RED Komodo Kit

Here’s a rundown of the true cost of a bare bones Komodo setup, including approved media, power, card reader, battery charger, SDI surge protector, cage, SDI module for the Ninja V and the least expensive compatible Canon RF mount lens:

RED Komodo 6K Body, AC Power Adaptor, Mini World Travel Adaptor Kit, Canon RF to EF Mechanical Adaptor, 1 Year Standard Warranty USD $5,995.00

RED Pro CFast 512GB USD $529.00

RED CFast Card Reader USD $110.00

2 REDVolt BP Batteries USD $340.00

Dynacore Battery Charger USD $66.00

ARRI SDI Isolator HDSDI USD $238.00

SmallRig Professional Kit for KOMODO 3209 USD $119.40

SmallRig Multifunctional Universal Metal Smartphone Holder 3559 USD $26.90

AtomX SDI Module for Ninja V USD $250.00

Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS Macro STM Lens USD $513.00

Total: USD $8,187.00

And here’s some nice footage shot with a minimalist rig.

13 thoughts on “Cost Breakdown: Minimalist RED Komodo Kit

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    1. Yes, I picked it up a few days ago. If you just want to make YT videos, all you really need is a battery, a card, a card reader and a battery charger.

      1. Nice, what are your first impressions?

        The Komodo screen is said to be barely usable outside. I imagine you will plug your Ninja?

      2. I picked up the SDI module for the Ninja V, but I’m using the RED Control app on my smartphone for now. What impressed me the most when I first handled the Komodo is how it’s built like a tank. The menu system is incredibly customizable. You can even program focus pulls with an AF lens, just like I used to do with the GH5! And of course, working with the RED R3D files is a dream.

  1. If using a smartphone for monitoring thanks to Red Control App, the ARRI SDI Isolator HDSDI isn’t needed or it can be also useful?

    1. I haven’t heard anyone mention this, but you can also purchase an extended warranty, adding two years of coverage for the Komodo. This also includes expedited warranty repairs, shipping to and from RED Headquarters* covered for repairs (shipping may not be covered in some countries). The Extended Warranty is also transferable to new owners if completing a Transfer of Ownership with RED, which would certainly increase its resale value. Under Extended Warranty you have access to the RED RAPID REPLACEMENT Program. Purchasing the warranty within the first six months saves you 20%, and the cost is USD $500.00.

  2. The one year warranty extend is quite expensive!
    Do you have a picture of your setup with the monitoring with the smartphone, the grip and so on?

    You finally chose the Canon lens instead of the Meike one?

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