Fuji Acros Film Simulation

Shot with the Fuji X-T2, 35mm f/2 lens and Zhiyun Crane. Genesis of the project I'd been wanting to shoot with Fuji's Acros film simulation for a while, but didn't have a clear idea of why I should choose monochrome over color. I often decide to embark on a project from sheer contrariness. For example,... Continue Reading →

Fuji X-T2: Skin Tones

The Vietnamese New Year is just around the corner and (almost) everyone's getting dressed up in ao dai and having their picture taken. I met a few photographers here who swear by primes: none of them even own a zoom lens, yet they're absolutely certain that primes are somehow superior. How anybody who only owns... Continue Reading →

Field Test: Fuji XF 50-140mm f/2.8

As usual, all shots were taken around Book Street in District 1, Saigon. The build quality of this monster is on par with Zeiss. The focus, zoom and aperture rings are dampened to high hell, which I happen to love. Autofocus is fast and completely, utterly silent. The 16-55mm f/2.8 amazed me, the 35mm f/2 astounded... Continue Reading →

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