Fuji X-T2: Creative Perfection?

pic_07I just picked up the Fuji X-T2 and a 16-55mm f/2.8 lens yesterday afternoon and, while setting up the camera, I happened to notice that in movie mode, there are virtually no exposure aids: no histogram, no waveform monitor, no zebras, just an impossibly tiny EV meter. I thought I must be mistaken, since I’d read dozens of comprehensive reviews and watched several online videos, and while the reviewers went into great detail about the 4K video, improved autofocus, engraved metal dials, the bright viewfinder, EVF refresh rate, and Fuji’s famous color science, not a single reviewer bothered to point out that the X-T2 lacks any manual exposure aids whatsoever when shooting video. Serious filmmakers want complete control over exposure, which means having the appropriate tools at their disposal. I believe even my humble point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot S90, which was selling for a paltry $280 over at Amazon when I bought mine around five or six years ago, had a histogram. Okay, I was grudgingly willing to live without IBIS and a touch screen and grid artifacts, but gauging exposure by peering through the viewfinder or squinting at the LCD screen is not exactly what I expect from a $1,600 camera marketed to professionals. And neglecting to alert potential buyers of this fact is not what I expect from professional reviewers.

Update: I have since learned that DPReview mentions the lack of a histogram and zebras in their review of the X-T2. Kudos to them!

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