Those who waste all their time in the online forums bashing Panasonic and saying the GH5 and GH5s aren't serious filmmaking tools should have a look at this exquisite footage by Filippo Chiesa. It’s nice to get a sorely needed respite from all the garbage virtuosic gimbal work, gratuitous speed ramps and drone footage that... Continue Reading →

GH5s Dynamic Range Controversy

Filmmakers are clamoring to see real world examples demonstrating the superiority in dynamic range of the GH5s over the GH5. Several have said they won't purchase the camera unless it delivers fourteen stops. Imatest would be definitive, as ‘real world’ tests aren't repeatable. And while Mystery Box, who were paid by Panasonic to promote the GH5s for... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia and the GH5 Naysayers

A small but vocal minority in the video forums, which has been going on about the decided shortage of decent videos online shot with the Lumix GH5, is now pining for the good ole days of the GH2, when apparently everybody and their grandmother were shooting masterpieces with Panasonic's groundbreaking camera. Others are joining in,... Continue Reading →

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