Leeming LUT v501 for HLG Rocks My World

The all-new Leeming LUT v501 designed for HLG in a rec.709 color gamut is sensational – better than Cinelike D and as good or better than V-Log Lite. I’m at work on a short video right now, will be going to Singapore to pick up the Veydra 16mm on Tuesday, but hopefully will be able to post it by early next week. The GH5 is definitely NOT (sorry for the caps, folks!) just a ‘specs on paper’ camera. So even if you don’t have $1,000 to spend on a Ninja Inferno or an HDR editing monitor, you can still take advantage of the sweet wholesome goodness that is HLG right now. And no need for plug-ins either – you can convert the files to Pro Res and begin editing in FCP immediately.

Details: Veydra Mini Prime 25mm T2.2, ISO 400, Sharpening -5, NR -5, Leeming LUT, no sharpening added in post.

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