Reasons to Reconsider Purchasing the Sony FE 135mm f/1.8 GM

Pretty much all of the reviewers invited to attend Sony’s launch event in Brooklyn, New York were unanimous in declaring the 135mm f/1.8 GM the ideal portrait lens. I would argue that, far from being ideal, one should carefully examine their needs before even considering this lens. First, there’s the weight factor – while Sony… Read More

Hole Fallacies

Canon and Nikon users continue to rejoice in the belief that their respective lens mounts are superior when compared to Sony, but the latter just fired off another shot during their a6400 presentation, asserting that even f/.63 is theoretically possible. Even setting aside the vast catalogue of native lenses, E mount enjoys a singular advantage… Read More

Bigger is Better

An article¬†examining where the industry is headed written five years ago by Sareesh Sudhakaran is still pertinent in regards to a statement I made in my previous post where I insisted that hybrid cameras should be able to shoot great video as well as stills. He writes: After 2007, roughly from the time the Canon… Read More