Teaching Daily Routines

One of the twenty-eight classes I teach each week in Ho Chi Minh City. I consider myself lucky, since many foreigners had to leave the country because of tightened restrictions on visas or loss of employment opportunities, including a large community of Ukranians.

HDR Fallacies #3

Last year, we reached out to Atomos to ask why they didn’t upload more HDR content to their YouTube channel and they replied that not all projects are suited to HDR. Which is patently false: the video doesn’t exist whose image quality cannot be dramatically improved by mastering and uploading to YouTube in HDR.

Canon R5 C or Canon C70?

It's easy to get bogged down when comparing all the features offered by Canon's cameras but the task becomes much simpler when approaching the question purely from the perspective of HDR, for which the camera must meet a minimum of three criteria: low noise, thirteen stops of dynamic range and offer raw recording (either internally... Continue Reading →

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