Asus Lousy Customer Support: Exhibit A

So I contact Asus Online Customer Service because I’m unable to adjust the brightness level of HDR content in the OSD of the PA32UCX. The chat lasted thirty long minutes. Had I known Asus support was this atrocious, I would have gladly spent the extra money for Apple’s Pro Display XDR instead. Asus: Hello! Please… Read More

Baby Canon C300?

I seldom write about Canon except to find fault with them, but in the interest of – impartiality? – I’m just gonna say that this video, shot with the EOS R, almost made me cry. hehe It’s the closest thing to a C300 I’ve seen by any YouTuber using a mirrorless camera, which is to… Read More

Compressor v.4.4.5 App Not Verified by Google

If like me you get this dreaded message at midnight when urgently trying to upload your latest masterpiece of cinematic art to YouTube from Compressor, follow the steps below. 1) In Compressor, click ‘Add File’. 2) Select the video source you want to share, then click ‘Add’. 3) Choose ‘Publish to YouTube’. 4) Choose a… Read More