ProRes 422 or HEVC?

In our untiring commitment to being the ultimate resource for those seeking factual information on uploading HDR videos to YouTube, we’ve added another comparison that aspires to settle the question: should you be transcoding XAVC S-I to HEVC or to ProRes 422 when uploading to YouTube? This 10-second clip took 83 seconds to finish processing... Continue Reading →

Dolby Colorist Shane Ruggieri On Grading a7s III HDR Footage

This weekend, Armando Ferriera will be uploading a video to his YouTube channel in which house colorist at Dolby Laboratories in California Shane Ruggieri talks about his workflow grading a7s III footage. Shane is one of the world's foremost experts on high dynamic range video. And here it is!

More HDR Tests

I shot S-log3 XAVC S-I this afternoon, making sure to ETTR, with zebras set to 94%. After pulling down highlights and boosting saturation a smidgen, I think I'm seeing some banding in the wall to the right behind me (over my left shoulder). Aside from that, I'm very pleased at how the image turned out:... Continue Reading →

Things Are Shaping Up

The a7s III has lots going for it: superb eye detect autofocus in video at up to 120 fps, an articulating touch screen LCD, indisputably the best EVF of any mirrorless camera, edit-friendly codecs with tiny file sizes, the red frame that surrounds the image in the LCD when you're recording video, a full size... Continue Reading →

Say Your Goodbyes to SDR!

So basically, if you've got a camera that shoots RAW or LOG, for around the cost of the GH5s, you can get yourself a Ninja Flame or Inferno, a BMD UltraStudio Mini Monitor and the best 55" OLED TV on the market and begin creating and enjoying HDR videos that blow the socks off anything available today. What... Continue Reading →

Eight Excuses to Not Shoot HDR

OLED isn't the holy Grail: Most reviewers, and more importantly, professional colorists I've read and listened to in podcasts and in interviews believe that OLED delivers near perfect picture quality. CEO and General Manager of Flanders Scientific Bram Desmet has gone on at length about the superior picture quality of OLED. At the risk of repeating myself, DisplayMate considers the recent line... Continue Reading →

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