More HDR Tests

I shot S-log3 XAVC S-I this afternoon, making sure to ETTR, with zebras set to 94%. After pulling down highlights and boosting saturation a smidgen, I think I’m seeing some banding in the wall to the right behind me (over my left shoulder). Aside from that, I’m very pleased at how the image turned out: skin tones are a big improvement over the a7 III, the clips played smoothly in the timeline without any transcoding and the Sigma is turning out to be a phenomenal lens. Similar to my last test, I brought the brightest values of the image down to 100 nits, since there are no specular highlights or light sources in the picture. Tomorrow, I’ll be testing XAVC HS to see if it’s any less prone to chroma noise or banding than the less compressed XAVC S-I.

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