Vincent Teoh: Colorists Should Consider an OLED TV

Vincent Teoh, in his unboxing video of the Panasonic HZ1000 OLED TV, corroborates what I’ve been saying for months now, which is that an OLED display should outperform Apple’s Pro Display XDR for HDR grading, and just might be the best budget option short of a reference monitor.

When I reviewed the Apple Pro Display XDR, and people were asking me what alternatives are there if I said that the Apple Pro Display XDR couldn’t be used really as a grading monitor, I think, you know, due to OLED’s self-emissive properties and also just their general color accuracy, an OLED should be one of your considerations if you are a colorist who is considering buying something that is more affordable than the Sony BVM 30,000 pound mastering monitor… – Vincent Teoh (starts at 16:53).

OLED televisions can be had for as little as around $1,500.00, whereas the Pro Display XDR sells for $5,000.00 without stand. There is also no reason in the world why anyone in the year 2020 should be using an Atomos as an HDR grading monitor.

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