a7s III: Insanely Beautiful 4K HDR!

This video takes us for a leisurely early morning stroll around the Bund, a waterfront area and protected historical district in central Shanghai. It was shot in HLG3, 4K 60p with the Sony 20mm f/1.8 G lens and audio was captured with the Sony ECM-B1M shotgun microphone. To the best of my knowledge, this is... Continue Reading →

Exposing for Skin Tones, HLG HDR

Having watched Gerald Undone's outstanding guide to exposing for low noise when shooting HLG for SDR delivery, I was curious whether the figures he arrived at were also applicable to HLG HDR video. Because even in graded HDR content, the bulk of the image should still fall within the standard 0-100 nit range, I wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Get Consistently Good Exposures with HLG

I still see filmmakers struggling with exposure shooting HLG with their GH5. In order to get consistent results, be sure to set your zebras at 90% - this should help avoid clipping of the red channel. Next, using a white balance card like the X-Rite ColorChecker, reduce exposure just until the zebras disappear. You should... Continue Reading →

How to Enable Desktop Video Utility on a Mac

Before harnessing the power (!) of Blackmagic Design's UltraStudio Mini Monitor to edit HDR video using the Ninja Inferno as an external monitor, you must first install Desktop Video. However, after installation, you may discover that the device is not recognized when running MacOS High Sierra 10.13. Here are the steps you should take in... Continue Reading →

Leeming LUT One v502 Now Available

I'm running out of superlatives, but sensational is the only word I can think of that describes the color and tonality that are possible when using the Leeming LUT with Panasonic HLG footage. Head on over to Leeming LUT One to purchase yours today. Lumix GH5, Olympus 75mm f/1.8, ISO 400, HLG, All-Intra, 400Mbps

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