Ninja V Samsung 850 Pro Fail!

Having downloaded the 30-day free trial version of TrueMotion - synthetic shutter software that gives the user control over motion blur, judder and sharpness - we set about shooting some 4.2K 60p ProRes RAW HQ just for the heck of it. To really take advantage of TrueMotion's capabilities, you've got to shoot 120p at a... Continue Reading →

Ninja V False Color

There can never be too many blog posts on exposing for HDR! Ninja V False Color False color is a practically foolproof method for determining exposure for HDR. Avoid bright orange and red - colors that indicate overexposure. DaVinci Resolve 17 waveform before color correction. Although the tee shirt looks completely blown out on our... Continue Reading →

What’s Going On

I had a shoot yesterday where I was recording ProRes RAW HQ using the 135mm GM and the look’s nothing less than incredible, as you can imagine, the only problem being, with this combination the camera had to be mounted on a tripod. Which is why I’m looking into one of the new DJI gimbals... Continue Reading →

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