What’s Going On

I had a shoot yesterday where I was recording ProRes RAW HQ using the 135mm GM and the look’s nothing less than incredible, as you can imagine, the only problem being, with this combination the camera had to be mounted on a tripod. Which is why I’m looking into one of the new DJI gimbals... Continue Reading →

Could Canon Partner With BMD & Atomos?

Canon’s already teamed up with Atomos before to capture ProRes RAW from their cinema cameras. And every other manufacturer on planet earth has already signed on, including Sony, whose a7s III will undoubtedly record ProRes RAW through an Atomos. So it’s entirely possible, especially considering all the feedback Canon’s received, that they’ve got a fall... Continue Reading →

RAW Remarks

If the 8K RAW sample footage I downloaded and imported into Resolve last night was indeed from the R5, it is a dream to work with. Just a few points though about the RAW craze, ProRes RAW, Sony and what exactly we are looking for in a hybrid camera: 1. Most people cannot grade RAW.... Continue Reading →

Shock! Video Is Sony’s Biggest Opportunity

Kenji Tanaka, VP and Senior General Manager of Sony's Business Unit 1, Digital Imaging Group, in his interview with DPReview’s Barney Britton, affirms that video is among the company’s greatest opportunities and that demand worldwide for video is strong. Better late than never! Where do you see Sony’s biggest opportunities in today’s market? Video is... Continue Reading →

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