Sony a7s III ProRes RAW Support in Final Cut Pro (update)

I was really excited to learn that Apple had finally enabled white balance and ISO adjustments to ProRes RAW in Final Cut Pro and was looking forward to trying it out when my a7s III arrives in a few weeks, but Jordan Drake just brought to our attention that ProRes RAW WB and/or ISO adjustments are not supported by all cameras in Final Cut Pro. WB adjustment is not supported on Sony cinema cameras (Sony NEX-FS700, Sony PXW-FS5, Sony PXW-FS7) with ProRes RAW. I’m guessing the a7s III WB won’t be either. Panasonic and Z Cam are the only two manufacturers whose cameras support both WB and ISO adjustments. Which means I probably won’t be wasting my money on yet another Atomos recorder.

List of supported cameras.

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