Bird Tuesday

Screen grabs from 4K video shot with the GH5 and the brilliant Veydra 85mm T2.2 Mini Prime (ETC mode enabled). In-camera sharpening dialed all the way down, no sharpening added in post. 

Veydra Mini Prime 25mm T2.2

After testing the excellent Veydra Mini Primes 85mm T2.2 and 50mm T2.2, the 25mm T2.2 is rather disappointing. It just might be that I got a bad copy, but the lens is quite soft wide open. Camera: Lumix GH5Lens: Veydra Mini Prime 25mm T2.2Settings: HLG, ISO 400, ALL-Intra, 400Mbps, T2.2

Veydra: One Disappointed Client

I was really counting on being able to share some clips shot with the Veydra Mini Primes and my Fuji X-T2. I placed an order with Veydra on February 11th for a set of three Fuji X-mounts in the hopes of shooting a short documentary and alerting potential X-H1 owners that there exists a much... Continue Reading →

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