Fuji X-T2: Skin Tones

The Vietnamese New Year is just around the corner and (almost) everyone's getting dressed up in ao dai and having their picture taken. I met a few photographers here who swear by primes: none of them even own a zoom lens, yet they're absolutely certain that primes are somehow superior. How anybody who only owns... Continue Reading →

Lumix G85: Contrast vs. Curves

I find the images coming straight out of the camera a touch too contrasty to my liking, so I've been trying to determine which is better for pulling a little more detail out of the blacks: reducing contrast, or lifting shadows. These were shot outdoors just prior to and after a rainstorm and the lighting... Continue Reading →

Lumix G85: Contrast Test

I've been reviewing the best settings to use with the Panasonic Lumix G85. Firstly, after double-checking my low light test the other day, I realized that my focus was off, so what appeared at first to be serious smearing of detail at higher ISO settings turned out to be 'operator error'. At this point, I'd... Continue Reading →

Field Test: Panasonic Lumix G85

I was pleasantly surprised at both the handling and the image quality of the G85. It is probably currently the best value in a 4K mirrorless camera. The G85 has less noise than the GH4, the images are cleaner. Skin tones, while still unmistakably Panasonic, are improved over the aging GH4. I struggled for years to get... Continue Reading →

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