Fuji X-T2: Skin Tones


The Vietnamese New Year is just around the corner and (almost) everyone’s getting dressed up in ao dai and having their picture taken. I met a few photographers here who swear by primes: none of them even own a zoom lens, yet they’re absolutely certain that primes are somehow superior. How anybody who only owns two or three lenses can even make a judgement about what constitutes a good or bad lens is beyond me. I own around a dozen lenses, both primes and zooms, and, as someone who exclusively shoots video, my response is ‘poppycock’. And along with the Leica Nocticron, the Fuji XF 50-140mm f/2.8 is fast becoming one of my favorite portrait lenses.

As far as the camera goes, not having a histogram and zebras makes nailing exposure extremely difficult, and I sincerely hope Fuji decides to address that oversight with the next firmware update. I found that viewing the images in playback through the EVF when set in Auto brightness, exposures which looked fine turned out to be overexposed, so from now on, I’ll be using EVF brightness set to Manual. I also hope Fuji enables viewing through the EVF and the LCD while recording. Nothing is worse than initiating recording while looking through the viewfinder only to find that the LCD is off. Also, while many prefer Panasonic’s cameras for their ability to tap focus on the touch screen, it is impossible to use pinpoint focusing while in manual mode, whereas the Fuji’s joystick allows infinitely more precision. If only there was some way to enable auto focus lock on the joystick rather than having to hit the AF lock button, less time could be wasted struggling with the camera’s idiosyncrasies and more attention given to composition and lighting. The settings I used were Shadows -2, Highlights -1 and Sharpening -4. No color correction in post.

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