Lumix G85: Contrast Test


I’ve been reviewing the best settings to use with the Panasonic Lumix G85. Firstly, after double-checking my low light test the other day, I realized that my focus was off, so what appeared at first to be serious smearing of detail at higher ISO settings turned out to be ‘operator error’. At this point, I’d say that ISO 1600 is perfectly acceptable, but not to exceed ISO 3200 because of softening of detail and artifacts. Noise reduction can’t be turned off in the camera, but dialing it down to -5 will preserve the most detail. When contrast is turned down, shadow detail is preserved at the expense of subjects losing their three-dimensionality as well as an apparent lose of texture and fine detail. There also seems to be a color shift toward orange. I am going to test again, this time with contrast reduced to -2, and another test with contrast at the default setting and raising the shadow curve to +2.

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