Fuji X-T2 Bug: Viewing While Recording Video

On the Fuji X-T2, you can cycle through four display modes with the button on the right side of the hump:

Eye sensor, which turns the EVF on and the LCD off when looking through the EVF; alternatively, viewing the LCD turns the EVF off;

EVF only, which turns off the LCD;

LCD only, which turns off the EVF;

EVF + eye sensor, which enables viewing through the EVF. The EVF will turn off when you move away. The LCD remains off.

However, when initiating recording in eye sensor mode and looking through the EVF, when you move away, the LCD remains off. Likewise, when initiating recording while viewing the LCD, the EVF will remain off. Playing back clips is quirky as well. It is hoped that Fuji will fix this bug with a firmware update.

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