Jarred Land Announces KOMODO Monochrome

On his Instagram page, Jarred Land announced the long awaited KOMODO Monochrome. The s35 6K camera has around double the sensitivity of the original Komodo and should be able to record as much as 20% more detail. With the traditional Bayer pattern color filter array (CFA) found in most cinema cameras, each pixel captures only... Continue Reading →

Scene Referred or Display Referred?

We're in the middle of comparing REDWideGamutRGB/Log3G10 and Rec.2020 ST2084 as the timeline color space. There's definitely a difference between how the two feel, we're just trying to decide which we prefer. Which one do you like working with?


A comparison of three popular workflows in DaVinci Resolve: ACES, RCM/DaVinci Wide Gamut Intermediate and RED IPP2. We see a lot of unusual color/contrast in YouTube videos comparing the RED Komodo to other cameras, and one of the contributors to this is improper color management. In DaVinci Resolve, it's preferable to (1) maintain an end-to-end... Continue Reading →

RED Komodo Gets Major Update

The RED Komodo has just gotten a pretty substantial update with beta firmware version 1.7.0, including the ability to upload video to the cloud with Frame.io, Gio Scope, improved autofocus and ELQ R3D, among other improvements. We had a chance to try out the autofocus this morning but saw no difference from our previous tests.... Continue Reading →

RED Komodo FW Update Info

The RED Komodo is to get Gio Scope, ELQ and improved AF, quite possibly before Christmas. Gio Scope is like if false color and the zone system had a child together but reflects the RAW sensor data and is unaffected by ISO and white balance. The Komodo will be the first of the DSMC 3... Continue Reading →

philmColor R3: More Sample Footage

There's next to no sample footage out there of Phil Holland's philmColor LUTs for IPP2, which is bonkers, because these are quite possibly the best looks out there for RED shooters. And without question, for RED filmmakers delivering HDR projects. When the LUTs are used in camera, you can monitor in SDR with the built-in... Continue Reading →

A Few More Changes to Komodo Post Workflow

We've made a few more changes to the RED Komodo post-workflow, including adding Rec.2020 ST2084 (P3-D65 Limited) for those working with a display calibrated to P3-D65, such as the MBP (2021). From the DaVinci Resolve user manual: Gamut Limiter Lets you limit the gamut to a specified standard. Useful in situations where the delivery color... Continue Reading →

RED Face Detect AF Shows Promise!

We gave the face detect AF feature on the RED Control app another shot this afternoon, and it surpassed our expectations! In order to work properly, at least until face tracking is enabled in the Komodo with the next firmware update in December, it’s necessary to focus first, then select Face Detect in the app.... Continue Reading →

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