RED Komodo FW Update Info

The RED Komodo is to get Gio Scope, ELQ and improved AF, quite possibly before Christmas. Gio Scope is like if false color and the zone system had a child together but reflects the RAW sensor data and is unaffected by ISO and white balance. The Komodo will be the first of the DSMC 3 cameras to get the feature.

From Jarred Land’s Facebook page:

“Little update for all the Komodo owners patiently waiting for the firmware update. I’ve been banging on the new build pretty hard and it’s looking good, few little things to mop up and then transfer into a customer alpha build in the coming weeks. Scott Balkum has signed up to test it first at that point and if he gives the thumbs up then we will roll out to the masses. No promises for a Christmas miracle, but the team is doing their best. Apologies for this taking so long… our ninja engineers have fixed a lot of bugs while getting ELQ into Komodo and they also just keep adding new stuff. For example, Komodo will be the first DSMC3 to get GioScope, well ahead of its bigger brothers.”

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