Jarred Land Announces KOMODO Monochrome

On his Instagram page, Jarred Land announced the long awaited KOMODO Monochrome. The s35 6K camera has around double the sensitivity of the original Komodo and should be able to record as much as 20% more detail. With the traditional Bayer pattern color filter array (CFA) found in most cinema cameras, each pixel captures only 1/3 of incoming light, while a sensor with no CFA is capable of receiving 3X more light, improving sensitivity. The base ISO of the Monochrome is around 2000, that of the full spectrum version a bit higher. Additionally, demosaicing (or debayering) to produce full color pixels can reduce resolution by as much as 20%, so expect a bump in detail with the new monochrome sensor. Color sensors can clip in just the red, green or blue channels, whereas a monochrome sensor is more predictable with regard to highlight clipping, leading to greater dynamic range – and monochrome shadow noise is less disturbing than with color. The KOMODO Monochrome will sell for $7,500. Allow two weeks for delivery.

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