We Try Out The Ninja V + Komodo

After nearly a year, we finally got up the nerve to connect our Ninja V to the RED Komodo and to our great surprise, it didn’t fry the SDI port! While our tinkering around with the Atomos Ninja V & Komodo didn’t produce great art 🤣 it did allow us to discover that, although RED’s creative LUT pack and Phil Holland’s Philmcolor LUTs (some of the very best available for RED cameras) are indeed SDR/HDR agnostic, unfortunately, the Komodo does not have the capability of monitoring HDR via SDI and SDR via the LCD simultaneously. Very disappointing. We also found that using proper SDI protocol is baby simple and it astounds us that some have fried their SDI ports multiple times. Not wanting to take any chances, we picked up an ARRI SDI Isolator HDSDI connector when purchasing the camera.

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