Mavo Edge 8K Anamorphic Lens Tests

A pretty comprehensive test with the Mavo Edge 8K where you can check out the sharpness, breathing, chromatic aberration, distortion, color, contrast, vignetting, flares and bokeh of many of the high-end and budget anamorphic lenses available today, from the sublime to the atrocious, including Arri Master Anamorphic, Atlas Orion, Cooke Anamorphic FF, Great Joy, Laowa... Continue Reading →

HDR: Lens Choice Critical

When it comes to HDR, two issues stand out from the rest if a cinematic look is what we're after, the first being 24p judder, a characteristic of motion pictures that cinephiles embrace and which worked well enough in theaters with 2K 48-nit projection but which becomes extremely objectionable on today's higher brightness, higher contrast... Continue Reading →

Brian Caldwell Designing New Anamorphics

Brian Caldwell, designer of the Metabones Speed Booster, revealed today that he's at work designing 1.79x anamorphic lenses. This news, sure to please owners of the Lumix GH5, comes on top of yesterday's announcement by Panasonic that the massive firmware update v.2, due out in September, will have in-body anamorphic de-squeeze. At the moment however,... Continue Reading →

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