Great Joy 85mm Reviews Coming In

Tito Ferradans says it’s the best budget anamorphic option.

We just preordered the RF mount Great Joy 85mm T2.9 1.8X full frame anamorphic cinema lens over at Indiegogo. The mirrorless mounts are just $1,189, a price that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago, but sales of the ever so slightly more expensive EF/PL mount versions are far outpacing the mirrorless ones – by 8 to 1 the last we checked. Is anyone else interested in anamorphic lenses or do you already own one?

2 thoughts on “Great Joy 85mm Reviews Coming In

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  1. Really tempted to go ahead with the EF mount as I can use it then on my Z6 and later something else. But I’ve also been eyeing a 70-200 so I can’t decide whether to do a video only lens

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