Great Joy 85mm T2.9 1.8x Anamorphic Full-Frame Cine Lens

The anamorphic lens of our dreams just came true! The size and weight, squeeze factor, angle of view, mounting options, bokeh, and price check all the boxes. Here are the specs:

Constant squeeze factor, 0.7m min. focus distance, focal length and angle of view 84.2mm (16.2°) vertically and 45.5mm (44.8°) horizontally, covers full-frame sensors up to 36x24mm and VV sensors up to 40.96×21.6mm. Available in Canon EF, PL, Sony E, Canon RF, Leica L, and MFT mounts. Weight: 1.18kg. Front outer diameter 85mm. Launch day price $1,445.00. What’s not to like? We’re on the official wait list.

3 thoughts on “Great Joy 85mm T2.9 1.8x Anamorphic Full-Frame Cine Lens

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      1. when Kai Wong reviewed the Lawoa scopes he showed how much flaring the Sirui had even with indirect lights, I don’t want that. There can be flaring but not flare city. Greatjoy has them better under control.

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