Increase Saturation Like a Pro

Ever notice how increasing the saturation of your footage just makes it look more video-ish? Instead of using the saturation knob to increase saturation, how about trying out this method instead: 1. Add a node, right click > Color Space > HSV. 2. Right click again, > Channels > Channel 1 (uncheck). Right click again... Continue Reading →

Tip for Acquiring the Cinematic Look

One effortless step toward the cinematic look is to place an HSL curve at the very beginning of your grading workflow (after applying Leeming LUT Pro) and desaturating shadows. No desaturation With desaturation

Leeming LUT Pro ‘Athena’

Alongside the newly released Pro II LUTs, Paul Leeming has also given us Athena LUTs, which he says "are a brighter version of Pro II, designed around placing middle grey (also known as 18% grey) at the 50% IRE level after the LUT has been applied, while retaining the same perfect colorimetry". Both Athena and... Continue Reading →

Leeming LUT Pro Sony S-Log2

I almost always shoot Cine2, but a question from a forum member over at DPReview about noisy footage at ISO 3200 inspired me to whip out my a7 III and try out S-Log2 for only the second time in two years. I dragged the clip into the Final Cut Pro timeline, threw on Paul Leeming's... Continue Reading →

Is An I/O Interface Really Necessary?

Update 23.01.2020: I have confirmed that the Asus PA32UCX, UltraStudio 4K Mini and Final Cut Pro do indeed work with HDR PQ. The reason to use a dedicated IO card (like the UltraStudio 4K) is that it gives you a properly managed colour pipeline that by-passes the operating system’s GPU and colour profile settings and gets... Continue Reading →

Ninja Inferno Saga Continues

In spite of my messages to them, Mystery Box, without so much as verifying their claims, still insist that the Ninja Inferno, coupled with the BlackMagic Design Ultrastudio Mini Monitor, will work as a grading monitor with any computer: And since you’re working with a 1080 display and are managing the HDR interpretation yourself, you can... Continue Reading →

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