HDR: Power Windows

In this post, we look at how to deal with overly bright highlights. Whatever speed limit you decide on for your project, pay close attention to how rolling off highlights affects the texture, detail and vividness of the image. Download the original clips here.

The strongest highlights are 638 nits and the laptop display is excessively bright. MaxFALL is 26 nits.
Restricting the brightest highlights of the image to 290 nits results in the laptop, window and face looking dull; detail and texture are lost; the blue shirt looks less vivid and the contours of the router are mushy. It’s beginning to look a lot like SDR. MaxFALL is 16 nits.
By isolating the laptop display and the window with power windows and reducing luminance, we were able to retain the shape and texture of the router, the rich vibrancy of the blue shirt and the important highlights in the face and hair. MaxCLL 750 nits, MaxFALL 20 nits.

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