Increase Saturation Like a Pro

Ever notice how increasing the saturation of your footage just makes it look more video-ish? Instead of using the saturation knob to increase saturation, how about trying out this method instead:

1. Add a node, right click > Color Space > HSV.
2. Right click again, > Channels > Channel 1 (uncheck). Right click again > Channels > Channel 3 (uncheck). By removing H (hue) and V (value, or brightness) out of the equation, now you’re just adjusting saturation.
3. Use the Gain wheel to adjust overall saturation or the Gamma wheel to increase the saturation of low and medium saturated areas in the image without boosting the saturation of already heavily saturated ones. For lack of a better term, this method will result in a more filmic look than just using the saturation knob.

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