Ashley III

Colors are more intense as well as more accurate on the iPhone 12 Pro Max than on the LG OLED 55CX and there's also greater separation between the model and background, possibly because the mobile device is tracking the PQ curve more precisely. If the nails look like they're ablaze on your mobile device, it's... Continue Reading →

Sony a7s III: Exceptional Value

Since we picked up a set of Nanlite Forza LED monolights and started grading ProRes 4444 in DaVinci Resolve Studio 17, it's like we're dealing with a completely new camera altogether! Skin tones are the most accurate we've seen from any mirrorless camera and the image quality rivals that of cinema cameras costing thousands more.... Continue Reading →

Tribute to Sony a7s III

For a long while now, we've been keenly aware that highlights in skin tones and light-colored fabrics have been difficult if not impossible to recover in post, leading us to re-examine our ETTR method. After watching a video by Gerald Undone, we tried using two zebra settings, aiming for an ETTR of only +1.66 stops... Continue Reading →

Sony a7s III HDR-10 Color Accuracy

For whatever reason, whether shooting S-Log3 internally or ProRes RAW via the Ninja V, Rec. 2020 PQ colors are far less accurate than Rec. 709. In the image below, we can see that the color chips of the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video line up almost perfectly on the vectorscope in Final Cut Pro in rec.... Continue Reading →

My Most Successful HDR Video Yet

This is perhaps the first of my videos that really begins to use light in a way that takes advantage of HDR rather than being a video that just happens to be mastered in HDR. Not that there aren't numerous benefits to uploading even videos with limited dynamic range as HDR, including greater perceived sharpness,... Continue Reading →

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