My Most Successful HDR Video Yet

This is perhaps the first of my videos that really begins to use light in a way that takes advantage of HDR rather than being a video that just happens to be mastered in HDR. Not that there aren’t numerous benefits to uploading even videos with limited dynamic range as HDR, including greater perceived sharpness, improved contrast, a friendlier algorithm that minimizes unsightly artifacts and less apparent noise in the shadows, to name just a few! Because the Sonnar 55mm f/1.8 was stopped down from around f/7.1 to f/10, the footage is by no means truly representative of what this mighty little lens is capable of! Several changes were made to my usual color correction this time: in order to retain as many intense highlights as possible, I worked primarily with the shadow and midtone color wheels to adjust luminance, and only the midtone color wheel was used to adjust skin tones. No masks or secondary color correction were employed. The wonderful Gitzo GT1545TA Traveler kit was used for this shoot.

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