Olympus O-MD E-M1X Quandary

To understand what’s going on with all the fury surrounding the E-M1X, we need only glance back at last year. 2018 was a watershed moment in mirrorless history. We not only saw Sony break the price barrier with the a7 III, but Canon and Nikon both entering the full frame market with their own full... Continue Reading →

Olympus OM-D E-M1X: For Whom?

Reviews are pouring in, and one common theme emerges: nobody can quite figure out who the OM-D E-M1X is for. Below, excerpts from a half-dozen reviews. TechRadar • Constrained by MFT sensor • EVF resolution not as high as rivals Digital Camera World • “Bulky” for Micro Four Thirds • “Pricey” for Micro Four Thirds... Continue Reading →

Enough About Mount Diameter Already!

This fixation with mount diameter is nothing more than a distraction. There are so many other factors involved in lens design, and so much room for improvement - none of which have anything at all to do with the mount diameter. The following are just a few off the top of my head: Breathing - the change... Continue Reading →

Hole Fallacies

Canon and Nikon users continue to rejoice in the belief that their respective lens mounts are superior when compared to Sony, but the latter just fired off another shot during their a6400 presentation, asserting that even f/.63 is theoretically possible. Even setting aside the vast catalogue of native lenses, E mount enjoys a singular advantage... Continue Reading →

Canon Takes One Step Backward

We learn from Dave Etchells’ exclusive interview with Canon’s product planning executive Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi that, contrary to the sanguine prognostications of online pundits and influencers, that the follow-up to the decidedly underwhelming EOS R will not be a high-end model with 75 megapixel sensor, dual card slots and IBIS aimed at pros, but — an entry-level... Continue Reading →

Bigger is Better

An article examining where the industry is headed written five years ago by Sareesh Sudhakaran is still pertinent in regards to a statement I made in my previous post where I insisted that hybrid cameras should be able to shoot great video as well as stills. He writes: After 2007, roughly from the time the Canon... Continue Reading →

Award for Worst YouTuber of the Week

We've decided to start handing out awards for the worst YouTuber of the week. It was a tough call, but this week's prize goes to JSFILMZ for his hilariously incompetent video comparing the skin tones of the Blackmagic Design Pocket 4K to Sony's a7 III. In his post in the Sony thread (I kid you not!) over... Continue Reading →

Sony a7s III to Feature RAW Video?

All pure speculation, but since Nikon announced at CES that they’re working on adding C-Fast support and ProRes RAW (when paired with the Atomos Ninja V) to their Z cameras, could this mean Sony’s also got something similar in store for their videocentric a7s III? This is big for several reasons, not least being it... Continue Reading →

Does Competition Really Benefit the Consumer?

“Competition benefits consumers, spurring manufacturers on to create better and better tech and keeping prices in check.” We hear this so often that I’ve come to doubt it. But I think each company’s idea of what exactly remaining competitive means is just encoded in their DNA. For example, Fuji hit one out of the ballpark... Continue Reading →

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