The Sony a7 III is a Phenomenal Video Camera

I’ve never enjoyed shooting video so much as I have with the Sony a7 III. It’s been trouble-free from the get-go – and while it would be a treat if Sony offered a better codec in the a7s III, I like the fact that the 8-bit files take up so little space on my hard drives and they’re a cinch to grade. Coming from the GH5, face-detect video AF is like a dream come true since all I shoot is people. The a7 III just allows me to concentrate on shooting. Even the menu, which many say is too complicated – well, there’s a function menu with twelve instantly accessible menu items; menu items can also be added to My Menu; and there are a bunch of function buttons that are programmable as well – meaning I seldom need to go into the menu for anything. I can’t recommend this camera enough for video shooters!

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